Friday, 11 November 2011

Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)

Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition) Description

Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
This reference work greatly expanded and completely revised: second sale Print key data migration projects greatly helps to reduce the cost and time. This comprehensive reference, batch input, eCATT, CATT, and Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW) focuses on preventing the need for programming.

Data transfer may be necessary to customize these tools to optimize and fully manual where you will learn. Various individual methods compared and contrasted to the nearest appropriate to their needs in order to obtain valuable information on your consent. In addition, large amounts of data faster than ever to move to choose a new tool for data migration speed (ADM), receive a thorough introduction.

The following sections describe specific migration project migration data for the preparation and conduct of assets to manage. This switch is useful in discussions about Microsoft Access and Excel to prepare data for the transfer of information can be used profitably offer.

Features of Migrating Your SAP Data (2nd Edition)
  • Planning a migration project 
  • Technical and management Database migration
  • Batch input, eCATT, and LSMW data migration with 
  • The evaluation of different methods 
  • Tips for taking-up 
  • Data migration accelerated 
  • Exception: MS Excel and active migration
About the Author (s)

ERP as an international project manager, Michael Willinger has many years of experience in SAP consulting.

Dr. Johann gradle existing system which is one of the developers responsible for the repression of immigration. Then install the CRM Middleware development, and test automation tasks undertaken. Currently, the SAP Service and Support is located in strategic projects.

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