Tuesday, 3 January 2012

SAP Project System Handbook (Essential Skills (McGraw Hill))

SAP Project System Handbook 
(Essential Skills (McGraw Hill))

Centralize and manage Enterprise Project Management

Plan, execute, and the SAP Project System (PS) and using the background information in the volume of the overall project control throughout the entire life cycle. SAP Project System Handbook, configure PS for optimal design of structures and networks, create project plans, cost estimates and materials to create demand, and how to use the latest tools of SAP. This program works automation and monitoring invoices and producers, events, and why you will find detailed information on the integration of SAP with most other modules. An invaluable reference to PS transaction codes is also included.


  1. Configure and customize SAP Project System
  2. Build PS objects, networks and structures of the fault
  3. Plans for customer service, and use the sales tracking and billing
  4. Understand the concepts of the assembly process
  5. The cost integrated regulation, and create resource plans
  6. Financial, labour, equipment and develop business models
  7. Processor dynamic profiles using the Source citations for this article, no billing
  8. Simulation and auto sales documents, producers and proposals to create
  9. Manage corporate investments with IM structures and AUC
  10. Time saving projects, networks and Milestone model construction
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