Friday, 6 January 2012

SAP Implementation Unleashed: A Business and Technical Roadmap to Deploying SAP

SAP Implementation Unleashed: A Business and Technical Roadmap to Deploying SAP Description
SAP, make better decisions, and allow you to maximize the business value of everything you can to help ensure better information and faster. However, great efforts of SAP applications, the total buy-in and require a significant change in the organization. The implementation of SAP Unleashed, 10 project managers specialized SAP functional and technical consultants, and SAP all to enjoy pain and helps prevent all the difficulties of the road, will guide you.

Authors, business, management plans and technical project for the successful implementation of SAP to introduce the beginning of the end. Then, ignoring the other guides on hidden problems or intermediate routing and gaps in his vast experience to guide you through the planning process and distribution. In this process, the model and the systematic reduction of costs and business risks, how to find tools to help you achieve excellence in performance. On the way, excellent advice and innovative projects, the most appropriate direction, a measure of the effective charge, implementation and management of a modern infrastructure, you'll find the real world.

Detailed information on SAP Implementation unleashed:

  • Rules and Executive undertaken to define the vision and use it to design a solution
  • The full financial impact of the organization, SAP TCO  Use techniques to understand
  • SAP Project Management Office, business facilities, organization of technical support, and the general structure of the project team 
  • Size, plans, and provide the best price for the best performance and usability testing of SAP infrastructure 
  • Integration with SAP in an SOA environment 
  • Installation and configuration of SAP NetWeaver Business Suite and components 
  • Key functional configuration, testing and implementation of change management activities 
  • Smooth transition successfully perform critical tasks immediately prior to allow 
  • SAP Go-Live 
  • Testing Tools to monitor and manage SAP applications and select the correct combination of 
  • Responsibility for the performance of the task force to prepare the SAP
About the Authors:

George W. Anderson, EDS / HP CTO Office is responsible for providing leadership for enterprise applications. PMI certified SAP consultant and project manager for a long, George has some of the best-sellers are written, and new problems.

Charles D. Nilson EDS / HP is a Program Manager and SAP in recent years has led to the successful implementation of many teams. The PMP and PMI certified SAP Partner Academy with MM and PP.

Tim Rhodes, SAP technical EDS / HP for a senior consultant and database / application, focusing on migration and modernization of the infrastructure of SAP Business Suite and NetWeaver solutions have a long tradition. Tim is also a certified SAP Technical Consultant, OCP, MCSE, and HP is a high ASE.

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