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Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver

Mastering the SAP Business Information Warehouse: Leveraging the Business Intelligence Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver
"This book is a definitive guide for SAP NetWeaver BI professionals. Produced by the light of experience, the authors, the user experience, query performance, integrated planning and provide a deep understanding of the major innovations enterprise-wide data storage. "
-Stefan Sigg, Vice President of SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence

The long-awaited second edition of this publication, as well as SAP BW, SAP NetWeaver 7.0 is integrated with the growing success of the various Business Intelligence (BI) reflects. This comprehensive guide prepared by the internal SAP, you develop, deploy, populate, access to the latest information on how to use SAP BW into account the changing characteristics, functionality and toolsets of SAP NetWeaver is the analysis, now manages the data. Explore the options available for SAP NetWeaver and uncover a new tool to improve business performance required.

This book reflects the process an organization goes into a software application. The authors begin with an introduction to BI and SAP NetWeaver and rapid progress in the concepts of data modeling and data Storage Company. As well as perform integrated functions of planning and organization to access, you must learn to deliver meaningful analytic information. Finally, the authors ideas, warehouse management, performance and share good security.

With more than 50 percent of new or revised material, this second edition of the SAP Business Information Warehouse and the field shows you how to:

  • Retrieve data from online transaction systems 
  • Keep the best way to support reporting and analysis of data conversion 
  • This type of Explorer, BEx Report Designer, Bex Analyzer, Bex and BEx Web Application Designer, such as broadcasting, use a variety of business tools 
  • Program, troubleshoot, and archive data loads monitoring

Friend of the readers of your Web site can enter the Wiki format, and discussions about books and authors of blogs with SAP includes sections of the sample.

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Presented in the text book companion Web site includes sample code and application models.

About the Author

Kevin McDonald, a consultant and entrepreneur. He is founder and COMPENDIT, Inc., in 2004, Inforte Services Inc. was purchased by the CEO of a consulting firm. It is a regional finalist a year of Ernst & Young Entrepreneur and a "Hot 100" fastest growing new businesses to create has been recognized by Entrepreneur magazine. It decision processing dozens of enterprise systems to customers, designed, developed and successfully implemented. Cofounder COMPENDIT ago, Kevin Director of Technology, the new size, then working in the United States and Germany, SAP is a spokesman for the company. The SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) was the program director for the successful launch of the first software development and SAP BW product map is used to define the scope and direction of the author.

Kevin Baxter Healthcare positions in information technology and functions of finance began his career. Next, the Data Warehousing Institute and author of numerous articles on the bulletin Global SAP Business Intelligence Business Intelligence Data Warehouse DCI, HP World, ERP World, TDWI conferences, ASUG has made presentations, SAP TechEd SAP Sapphire, Decision Processing 98 and 99, and PC World. Kevin is a consultant to the Cognos Innovation Center @ kevin.mcdonald contact.

Wilmsmeier director Andreas Inforte Deutschland. Andreas test engine parts (such as staging BAPI) responsible for the design and implementation of a member of the core development team was the first SAP BW. Andreas in early 1998, the first customer shipment of SAP BW 1.2 and SAP BW has been advising clients in financial services through feedback and continued to contribute to the development of content for the development of SAP BW and the defense industry.

After receiving a degree in computer science and business economics, Andreas started developing data warehouses and Internet solutions. Prior to joining Inforte acquired by Inforte in early 2004 until the COMPENDIT Andreas ran the German subsidiary.
Data warehousing, data mining and knowledge management, knowledge, Munich, SAP Sapphire, SAP TechEd, ASUG, Hannover, Germany at CeBIT, and systems, including several international conferences in Germany, submitted. Andreas, author of the SAP technical journal articles (now and German E / 3 of the Review. @ Andreas andreas.wilmsmeier contact.

David Dixon is responsible for ensuring the quality of Inforte solutions and project deliverables of SAP Inforte, a vice president. Implementation of complex solutions for Fortune 100 companies in the architecture of the project and has extensive experience in full life cycle of a recognized authority on business intelligence. David is also to support new product development teams several times worked with SAP SEM and SAP BI.
Prior to joining Inforte, David COMPENDIT, he was a member of the creative team in March 2004, worked for a consulting firm acquired by Inforte. Prior to joining SAP consultant to the plate was COMPENDIT. David specializes in all SAP applications and reporting tools and analysis, in 1995, Finance and Controlling (FI / CO) began his career as a SAP consultant. Industry leader SAP BI and SAP TechEd, ASUG, and TDWI events presented as a successful speaker. He can be contacted @ david.dixon

Bill INMO "father of data warehouse" and co-creator is considered the "corporate information factory." This database has 28 years experience in management of technology and design data storage. It is known worldwide for seminars on developing data warehouses, and every major computing association and many conferences, seminars and trade shows were for the speaker. The construction of the bill, the use and maintenance of data warehouses and enterprise information factory, has written a variety of topics. Its more than 500 articles in such Datamation, Computerworld, and major computer magazines such as Byte magazine is published. The bill is currently a columnist for the review of data management and has been since its inception. He has published 39 books.

Bill founded a Silicon Valley company, Prism Solutions, and in 1991 took the set. Prism Software Solutions Informix, Ascential Software was purchased by the name, which was acquired by IBM, was a fervent. The software created is still used today, hundreds of companies. More recently, Bill internet decided to publish the information in the storage of large data. Web site has grown to support millions of visitors. Bill a number of Fortune 1000 customers consulting, design, and data storage and data management services.

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