Tuesday, 10 January 2012

SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference

A practical guide for SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology

SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: The Complete Reference
Applies to full life-cycle available the most complete, step-by-reference to the main SAP NetWeaver Portal. Prepared by SAP architect Rabi Jay, this book, the plan design to implementation of the SAP NetWeaver Portal, SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java provides everything you need to configure and manage.

SAP NetWeaver Portal Technology: The complete reference descriptions, numerous illustrations and is filled with hundreds of expert advice. Design and high availability, scalability and performance with distributed portals. Sign on the back-end systems, a single application and non-SAP and integrated applications. Configure reliable J2EE engine and portal security, and to find a replacement and an excellent strategy to restore the portal. Portal workload, GC, thread dump, and HTTP analysis to improve performance.

  • Future plans PAM, release planning and maintenance strategy
  • Federation network of portals and Web sites, the overall design of portals 
  • Self-registration and delegated user and content management to implement 
  • Security zones for authorization, UME actions, and ACL permissions can use the 
  • Central LDAP, UME, and Identity Management Manage users with 
  • Type the application of the user, depending on the characteristics and identity
  • Portal desktop rules, themes and frames pages in the portal using the brand 
  • Transport Settings portal and deploy patches and business packages using JSPM 
  • Monitor the portal using CCMS GRMG availability monitoring 
  • Manage the central portal, NWA and SLD for the use of system maintenance

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