Monday, 9 January 2012

Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (4th Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours)

Fully updated and expanded!

Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (4th Edition) Includes coverage of new SAP Cloud Computing!

Sams Teach Yourself SAP in 24 Hours (4th Edition) (Sams Teach Yourself -- Hours)
Only 24 one-hour sessions, and I love the latest news about the company, and SAP technical environments and real-Explore with her how to succeed! Step this book, the direct use by-step, practical examples and case studies based on the expression of SAP software free learn by hands. Each lesson is based on solid business and technical aspects of the SAP are based on the real world, giving what they have learned. Senior SAP consultant architect, and George Anderson, the absolute start with the basics ... all business tasks, reporting and management include ... and the cloud, including how to do it all the way to the front

Can be used to support the SAP environment.

SAP maintenance instructions, step by step guide you through common tasks.

The tests and exercises at the end of each chapter help you test your knowledge.

Way of talking about this information note interesting.

Did you know? Advice or tips on easy ways to accomplish tasks more shows.

Attention! Caution warned of potential problems and provides advice to avoid them.

Learn to...
  • Today, the clouds from different sources integrated in SAP environments
  • SAP applications, components and architecture understand 
  • Step by step, to obtain and install a trial version of SAP
  • NetWeaver, SAP ERP, SAP Business Suite, SAP and other applications that use the 
  • Select an access method to create roles and privileges 
  • More comfort and productivity for customizing the user interface 
  • Sales, updates staff, including sample processing, and more days of trading days 
  • The "Order to Cash" Working with complex processes, such as 
  • SAP and third-party tools such as SharePoint business productivity, see 
  • Professional kit, maintenance and monitoring of SAP systems 
  • Plan for the implementation of SAP and build new
  • SAP, including updates and technical improvements in the preparation, 
  • Develop a career as an SAP business and technology professionals

 About the Author:

Dr. George W. Anderson, SAP Basis consultant architect for the services of Microsoft, SAP and other critical enterprise applications, platforms, is specializing in the design and optimization. It is promising for the architectural design and the years and today's businesses need more than ever fascinated by the development of tools that allow the type of business agility. A certificate of SAP

Implementation of best practices: Technical Advisor, PMI, PMP and MCSE long, his work includes the implementation of SAP and SAP planning unleashed popular.

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