Saturday, 7 January 2012

Configuring and Using CATS

CATS configuration effective this comprehensive guide to setting up CATS to meet the multiple and complex configuration together with detailed instructions, approvals and special customizing Duet "CATS provides detailed information. Details on each CATS User Exit and what functions can be achieved with or about a specific user leaves There are also suggestions. also the author of the performance problems, answers to frequently asked questions, how to prevent and correct development common audit report provides policy advice in depth and much more.

Readers of the report directly to Microsoft Office, the recording time, or engage in activities which are frequently used as the CATS executive and some of the most common causes of the most important step you can take to prevent or correct some of the CATS will explore how to discover the slowdown in transactions. Time data exchange with external systems for an efficient application programming interfaces provided by the cat (BAPI), and the use of import / export functions and how to improve the effectiveness of implementation of automatic approval rules for the approval Organization principal. In addition, to facilitate the process of their own data fields and messages to find the best way to customize the report for approval.

Characteristics of Configuration and Using CATS:

  • Duet "¢" Customizing: CATS 
  • CATS Performance and Support Tools
  • Approval of special techniques
  • Import and CATS data mining 
  • The actual operating costs 
  • User exits and implement Badis

About the Author
Manuel Gallardo, a former consultant for SAP platinum, a member of the editorial board of qualified human resources, HR, SAP has been working since 1994. In addition, human resources, a regular speaker at the conference, the Red Cross (CATS), and teaches that when applying the scenario, and worked directly with the development team in Germany, CATS. Currently, San Antonio, Texas, SAP HR functional architect for companies to Tesoro, Inc. serves.

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