Thursday, 12 January 2012

SAP BASIS / Netweaver Administration Academies

System Requirements

  • Support: CD-ROM


  • The complete follow-up training SAP Academy! 
  • To configure the program includes books! 
  • Any review covers SAP material! 
  • SAP PASS Guarantee test in 3 months! 
  • Curriculum SAP Drill world famous! Google SAP Drill

SAP BASIS / Netweaver Administration Academies Description

We must take exams for the latest books for SAP. This program is specifically for those who need more than one certification were SAP. All configuration of SAP books, are included. It's a total of 16 books, SAP Drill PLM For more information please Google. Of course, recent graduates, I want to get into SAP is designed for other IT consulting. A dream job to be a SAP consultant. Pay curiously, almost all the individual modules will start over $ 100,000. Free transport, training and free education, income, etc... With the incredible benefits of high demand courses. Used by more than 12 million people in over 120 countries, 38,000 more than the 101,920 service company SAP systems. All these features are consistent with the foundation of a manager if you have a job. Database administrators better informed. They also applied the most respected and the largest settlement of any SAP installation.

Regardless of the architecture 4.7 / R3 or WebAS / Netweaver, this course prepares two. So what is essential and why there is so much demand? Basic applications (eg, FI, CO, SD, for example) based operating systems and products to be portable between compliant and provides an excellent means of SAP AG, a layer of a series of programs and data tools. R / 3 Basis and WebAS / Netweaver client / server architecture and configuration, a relational database (RDBMS) and the graphical user interface (GUI) contain. In addition to the interface between the system components, the basic components of the WebAS R / 3 applications (Web Application Server) and data dictionary, and a development environment for the user and system management tools and Follow-up included. This course requires a database administrator in and out of the way, are in high demand. This is not business applications, and enable companies to manage applications in a database should be the management team.

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