Sunday, 29 January 2012

CT-Understanding_100: An interactive course for learning the ABAP programming language

Product Features
  • 5 individual lessons during 150 hours (12,000 sections of text, separate subject in alphabetical order)
  • 1800 overlay drawings (to mark important parts of the report)
  • Reports that about 40 000 lines of code to 520
  • 9 different models of the surface of the presentation

Description of CT-Understanding_100

CT-Understanding_100: an interactive course to learn the ABAP ™ programming language

Problem: The representation theory of current programming (Syntax Notation, functional descriptions, etc.) can sometimes lead to the programming guide; the conference will dry and sober. The implementation of SAP ® is a real transformation, in particular, behind the system is required to run ABAP ™ programs.

Solution: Our e-learning system ABAP 520 reports interactively debug the connection between theory and practice through simulation. "IT-debug-Simulator" without first ABAP ™ application is now in the shortest possible time to collect

Have direct contact with SAP ®. If you use at work or at home means that course. A real R / 3 ® ABAP course, language ™ after the completion of work for a fast and efficient.

Content / Features of CT-Understanding_100:
  • Course of 150 hours (12,000 sections of text, separate subject in alphabetical order) on 5 different courses
  • Overlap 1800 download (on the occasion of important parts of the report)
  • Code 520 reports about 40,000 lines
  • The surface of the screen into 9 different models.

Learning Objectives: After some small ABAP ™ program with the command, type a short period of time, but enough. As a multi-volume dictionary, a variety of information, "Understanding ABAP ™" was built on the lessons. Theory of short sections of text
Training courses and CT-Debug_Simulator application.

CT-Softwareberatungs GmbH ( home page, screen shots and more information.

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