Sunday, 22 January 2012

Discover ABAP

This book, while racing down the learning curve to develop their own source code ABAP newcomers, provides a feeling of an instant success. Approach "business" aspects of the request of the author become familiar with ABAP programming provides all important. With simple examples, first from the right of the page can start learning to create their own programming solutions. To control the flow of a single line of the structure of modular transfer and complex data in the report, review units, and sample code and screen-by-step instructions ABAP programming-by-step service to ensure rapid progress in the world.

Getting started with ABAP

Architecture of the SAP system, development tools and the structure of ABAP reports: Learn everything you need to start

The first report ABAP

To protect the properties, the creation of the first report, the source code to create and run

Follow along in real life, an extension of the sample

On the first page, a simple example, of course, the book guides you through how to create tables and lists, numbers, calculate the ABAP program and the debugger to find errors

Get skills to the next level
Case distinctions, control structures and disciplines, implement, and logical expressions, selection screens, and information on modular programs

An easy way to learn ABAP
Concise learning units, helpful tips and tricks, sample code, a large number of images to enjoy

Features of Discover ABAP:
  • Data Dictionary and the ABAP editor
  • Fields and Calculations
  • Estimated date and time, amount and parts
  • Basic tables transparent, internal tables
  • The control flow and logical expressions
  • Selection screens

About the Author

Karl-Heinz KA ¼ hnhauser RGS GmbH & Co. KG, a managing partner of an SAP Services Partner. He customers in different sectors of education for over 20 years experience in software development and have over 25 years. In addition, Ansbach, Germany as a visiting professor at the school.

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