Saturday, 21 January 2012

Sams Teach Yourself ABAP/4 in 21 Days

Just to start working on ABAP, ABAP how and why the origin is an ideal book for a programmer who does not know the full story. ABAP programmer needs and provides all necessary information is provided in a readable format. Like other ABAP programming books, textbooks are not based on real examples and practical supplies. Admission Applicants must have two years of practical experience in ABAP programming, not the actual coverage of certification, certificate programs, although the book also provides information about the SAP certification process!

This is an excellent book; if you have experience with it, but programming and SAP ABAP / 4 yeni.Yazar provides a brief overview of the SAP system. Next, the client / server and database running on SAP, how acrklanır. Kitap shows how to move the work environment - code to create, update, and test how to use the SAP menu, and other properties online - another ABAP / 4 have no book. I write the code tables, etc., to create very useful step by step instructions bulundu. Kitap report does ABAP / 4 - the programming of contacts (programming with interactive whiteboards) or SAP script does not. However, problems may be the best book I dusunuyorum. Yazma principle, straightforward and easy to open, there is even a sense of humor.

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