Thursday, 12 January 2012

Configuring SAP R/3 FI/CO: The Essential Resource for Configuring the Financial and Controlling Modules

Configure the FI and CO modules to meet business needs

SAP R / 3 FI / CO configuration The book unique: The most popular modules, the two R / 3 for the detailed and practical guide to configure. If the information that will help achieves greater investment company - a Fortune 200 company, R / 3 configurations written by experts in charge, provides detailed instructions and examples for Finance and control sub-modules.

Coverage includes:
  • The corporate structure of the FI
  • General Accounting
  • Substitutions and Validations
  • Automatic charging
  • Accounts Payable
  • Receivables
  • Credit Managemeny
  • Safe
  • Corporate Structure of CO
  • Accounting cost component
  • Cost Centre Accounting
  • The internal controls
  • According to the CO
  • Profitability analysis (CO-PA)
  • Accounting profit centers
  • Investment Management additional configuration techniques, FI / CO, this companion book to cover the visit of the website

About the Author

David Nowak and Quentin Hurst for the Fortune 200 full-time SAP consultants. They FI / CO with Nowak with more than six years experience in the three FI / CO implementations of ERP software is a complete and working with the finances and operations have been dealing with the various departments. Before his current position, Hurst, Department of Arthur Andersen Business Consulting and SAP data warehouse and custom system development and worked on many projects.

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