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Introduction to SAP R/3 for Everyone

Welcome to the world of SAP! Now the world leader in SAP R / 3 enterprise software operates on a trip, and use. (Information Technology for the operating system SAP 3, stands for R / 3 for systems, applications and products -. In other words, the third version of the software)

This book, the SAP R / 3, i.e., MS Word and Excel have some experience with desktop applications, such as the average person in a business that can be written for non-technical end users, but little or no experience, enterprise software more complex. This book is an excellent and versatile, its software that provides detailed instructions to work.

These instructions are of such a budget and cost data and inventory management and warehouse employees do not refer to a particular purpose. On the contrary, for any purpose, any piece of software to work with the general or universal procedures are explained. We are firmly in the development of general principles and skills of learning and a good knowledge of SAP R / 3 rule to apply, and work effectively with the real secret, we believe that the use of.

Introduction to SAP R/3 for Everyone
In addition, this book is not exhaustive. SAP R / 3 for the design and operation is very complex and requires a complete description of this software is not very high because most people do not get to talk about a book more, "The Bible". However, this book is the SAP R / 3 by working with non-technical end users and describes the procedures most commonly used techniques. We like our other users (referred to as privileged), after consultation with the contents of this after several years of using the software to make decisions and, after several hours in the classroom to teach people like you.

Finally, this book is the SAP R / 3 data is not suitable as an argument. If you work in software programming, development or application you are looking for instructions, bought the wrong book. This information is typical of the end user to work more effectively with the software, because we found that using the inner workings of SAP software, and architecture (with the exception of very short pages) are described. In addition, throughout the book instead of plain English and avoid using technical jargon in our regions, simple to say. We are 5 cents 25 cents word not to use the word.

Before describing the contents of this book, the SAP R / 3 original, must devote a few words about the design and operation.

SAP R / 3 is?

SAP R / 3 modules, recording and monitoring activities and the cost of doing business is an integrated suite of applications called. The roots of systems analysts five years, all former employees of IBM Germany, a single computer and data processing in real time collection of large volumes of enterprise data, software developed for the user, you need to go back to 1972. Proceedings of the machine required by the 1970 team heavy, slow, and sometimes even hours, and to handle large volumes of data in real time during the procedure was particularly innovative.

Since then, SAP is a small regional airline in the world's leading provider of enterprise software, has increased. At last count, the SAP R / 3 84 000 sites in 120 countries around the world every day to install and are used by more than 10 million people. SAP is currently the third largest independent software vendor and is still growing strong.

SAP R / 3 architecture or great power and usefulness of the functional modules of the SAP database and the graphical user interface or the graphical structure, largely depends. We have three pieces of software in this kit uses a system to define the term throughout the book.

Functional modules, accounting, payroll, and the specific tasks such as inventory control) are dedicated to different software packages. Generally, computers can quickly process applications, servers or data and work on a format readable by the assembly of large volumes of "pop" is installed.

The actual collection of data in the enterprise database. This data is large memory storage and the ability to rapidly exchange data with computers, servers, databases, application servers, are stored.

Desktop computers, or clients to access the GUI or graphics software. The centre of the scene graph displays the user interface or by using your mouse and keyboard commands and enter data into the application window (SAP session is called) are. Note: Some users can access SAP software via Web browsers such as MS Internet Explorer. In such cases, as part of the SAP graphical user interface appears in the browser window.

This SAP R / 3 full version of many modules, but many companies do not use them all. Instead, buy only the modules needed to do business and to establish or implement. The selected modules are integrated or linked servers and clients, and customizable screens, developers, database, and are structured to meet the needs of the company. After the integration of modules, the boundaries between them are lost and try the other as a single software continuously. This add-on module is very flexible: the needs of your business grows, develops more frequently in the company for the software modules that can be added at any time.

SAP transactions

Word processing with SAP R / 3 describes the activity carried out with the individual. Example of end-user transactions

  • Create a Requisition 
  • Create a report on the budget, part of the company 
  • Program for sending plant material
  • Maintenance activities Register 
  • Introduction to weekly working hours for employees 
  • Display of annual sales of a product

Each transaction operations, commands and events with the product of the four steps in a workflow.

The end user of SAP (step 1) is connected to the typical workflow begins. Software, the default action for this "house" that calls the SAP Easy Access screen. End-user access, or (step 3), then run the software for their specific needs to teach the process (step 2), the first screen to work with these items on the screen. Seconds later, the output process in two ways (step 4) comprises:

  • This entry level, such as the creation of working hours of an employee or job application process, to learn Approval. This message is displayed as the default screen.
  •  A display of data in the database. This is usually the result appears on the screen itself.

Very SAP R / 3, and communications between end users with the object code of this technique 3 SAP workflow steps and takes place during 4.

A technical object of SAP R / 3 is the control and monitoring is one thing. Such personnel, supplies, equipment and physical facilities, and these work orders, purchase orders and delivery of tangible goods such as intangible assets include.

SAP technical characteristics of each database object is entered, the abbreviation given to him, and the primary means of identifying an object has a unique code. There are thousands of codes for each SAP database, but fortunately, the software provides a way to search for them, so you do not need to memorize or record.
Organization and content of this book

This is the body of the book SAP R / 3 consists of lessons on the use of 17. They are suitable SAP Workflow four parts, divided.

  • Part I, Introduction, personal data and input logistics, SAP R / 3 software to suit your preferences both within and outside the disk describes the procedures for customizing the SAP application window and screens, on itself, and the management software password with the default values.
  • Part II, navigation between screens, the first three screens of the SAP Easy Access screen, navigation methods, and initial operations, and output for the fourth describes a method to navigate between screens.
  •  Part III describes the input and the object code of the registration process and create customized versions of the first screen, the display calibration.
  • Title IV of the release of reports and studies, other users of the SAP e-mail reports the results of certain operations and describes the procedures for customization.

These courses are Introduction to the SAP application window and the screen design and operation are described, and in front of the four basic types of transactions that provide a simple model of a code, followed by end users generally managed.

The instructions in this book for courses in SAP R / 3 software version 4.7 and screens around the image was written. But at the same time very similar to the design and operation of SAP 4.7 SAP 4.5 and 4.6 can be applied. And with little effort, and the design is slightly different from the screen can be valid for SAP 4.0, but it works.
Some comments related to images and text on the screen

This book uses a text by selecting the two rules:

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