Tuesday, 12 June 2012

SAP Security and Authorizations | SAP Security

This book is all aspects of SAP NetWeaver IT security in-depth look at technical consultants, IT managers and executives’ consents. This risk assessment of the theme, coming across, creating control options, designing security measures will help accelerate on issues such as: - teaches proper procedures for the implementation and process Support. In addition, safety standards and international regulations (eg Sarbanes-Oxley, Basel II), and benefit from an overview of the best strategies and practices to ensure compliance Explore SAP security.

The second part of the book devoted to the technical implementation of these security measures. During the portal environment planning and collaboration scenarios with SAP XI authorized the concept of infrastructure-related measures, the authors suggest a stone. This book, the potential risks and solutions for individual SAP components, and uses examples to explain the concepts of specific application and system security. Bonus: - a navigational aid, ideal for reading books, but also to help the current operation per day security system global positioning includes a complete map.

Features of SAP Security and Authorizations:
  • The SAP security strategies and best practices
  • The basic principles of safety engineering
  • Risk management and control
  • In the legal and business requirements
  • Safety standards specific to each country
  • Security applications, and SAP NetWeaver, SAP
  • The technical implementation
  • Using the Global Positioning System technology layers of security Graphical display

About the Author

Mario Linkies Leipzig, was born in Germany. If the Humboldt University in Berlin after completing his studies in banking and finance, Linkies Mario worked for Shell Chemicals Europe, and Canada as a Senior Manager at Deloitte. As a director, global SAP consulting group-wide, risk management and security in place.

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