Friday, 1 June 2012

SAP BI | SAP NetWeaver BI Integrated Planning for Finance

This handy reference BI integrated planning, an integral part of an introduction to SAP NetWeaver 2004s. BI integrated planning tool to avoid spending countless hours researching the various options - all the resources you need here, in this practical guide. Readers well-configure, develop and learn to manage a planning application, and more.

The authors' goal of making finance more accessible to BI integrated planning a trip. Real world, practical examples, and easy to understand step by step approach to help learn the essential concepts. Information shortly after SAP BI integrated planning in the planning and financial planning will be to develop a complete understanding of the importance of leverage to create an application.

Detailed examples of integrated planning tool for BI really first-hand how to develop a deeper understanding of the different characteristics and allow the opportunity to play will help you later in their environment. In addition, readers through the basics of planning advice to financial expert to get your own custom development of applications. If an analyst, consultant, entrepreneur, or if you are a developer, this book offers more business processes to support the organization plans to build applications around the world beyond the information basis is important.

Features of SAP NetWeaver BI Integrated Planning for Finance:
  • SAP NetWeaver for SAP NetWeaver BI 2004s day 
  • Reflections on the concepts of business planning 
  • The unique techniques to maximize the return on investment (ROI) 
  • Expert advice from business decisions to promote reliable 
  • The critical details about SAP Finance

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