Saturday, 2 June 2012

SAP PM | Maximize Your Plant Maintenance with SAP

This guide, plant sap maintenance (PM) How can I be better taught. Maintenance of a SAP PM functions with SAP and how to align their workflow learn how to use. In addition, SAP PM and how much power to use best practices to discover their own.

The authors break plant maintenance in three key areas: the right people build best practices with SAP configuration is available to the company of best practices and measure the success of SAP PM. The book is also the main obstacles to successful implementation of plant maintenance and solutions for each offer description. This kind of organizational preparation and focus, common configuration problems, and implementation, and explores issues such as systems plant care information. During this comprehensive reference book, useful to illustrate the issues involved, you will find real examples. This is in line with best practices in their care need to understand how to approach SAP PM, only one resource.

Features of Maximize Your Plant Maintenance with SAP:
  • Maintenance and SAP PM Introduction
  • Training Maintenance 
  • A successful SAP PM Techniques 
  • Structure of the technical functionality of the object 
  • Reliability History Planning capture, implementation and maintenance, improved 
  • Preventive Maintenance Strategy 
  • Data for SAP Plant Maintenance 
  • Performance Plant Care Health
About the Author

In 2003, John Hoke solutions reliability, Inc. SAP training efforts began and, while the support moves AM Consulting and SAP Maintenance and evaluation process. Lorri Craig, in 2004, Reliability Solutions, Inc. focuses on applications and participated in training using SAP PM. Lorri is responsible for education, development and delivery, and supports SAP PM Consulting and evaluation process


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