Sunday, 3 June 2012

SAP FI | Optimize Your SAP ERP Financials Controlling Implementation

All successful organizations continuously improve operational efficiency and the need for better financial results. Using this book, taking advantage of value-added activities and a process control approach to learn how to optimize your SAP ERP system. Detailed instructions, the real work begins after the completion of the implementation of an SAP ERP Controlling an expert on what to do!

If you can focus on strategic issues, to minimize the time spent on burdensome reconciliation, learn to use. Business structure, management processes integrated, and reporting requirements and more complex applications, including the definition to meet a variety of problems. Using the best examples of real world applications, but also the most appropriate means and methods of inspection and find a way to implement the requirements of the body most appropriate.

Development of business processes and real-world perspective of these financial professionals, the implementation teams, consultants and SAP ERP Financials is invaluable to all those who need the best, which makes a practical resource.

Features of Optimize Your SAP ERP Financials Controlling Implementation:
  • Corporate Structure 
  • Process business financing 
  • Center for Cost Accounting 
  • Budget management of public funds 
  • Product cost 
  • Profitability 
  • Investment Management 
  • View integrated business process 
  • Consolidation
About the Author

Shivesh Sharma, an expert in SAP ERP Financials, IBM, CSC, and Fujitsu Consulting worked. His areas of expertise, the design of business processes, FI-AP, GL, AR, Banking, Asset Management, Fund Management and the Special Purpose Ledger is located.

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