Monday, 18 June 2012

CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor Study Guide

Guide current CISA exam study for the industry leader

More than 27,000 IT professionals every year for Certified Information Systems Auditor. Displays top CISA certification for security professionals in SC Magazine. By default, regulations and best practices for the control is updated twice a year and is available to prepare candidates for the next CISA exam are the most current books.
  1. CISA exam is growing every year more than 27,000 professionals and the number of IT security within the five highest paid
  2. Rules updated twice a year and Sybex, this book breaks down the back cover, and a proven approach to content, tasks, and provides all the details will be covering the fields of information to consider
  3. This includes IS audit process IT governance, systems and management of the lifecycle of infrastructure, service delivery and support, information and property, protection, disaster recovery, and more
Anyone looking for information on the position of Certified Systems Auditor with all the details and focus on the books are not prepared for the exam.

Back cover

Take care of your career with CISA certification

Prepare for CISA certification and improve professional skills training and receive this valuable book. Covering the latest version of the CISA Exam, CISA knowledge areas, this practical guide and history of all laws, regulations, practices and regulations, the faculty is full of information system audit. Find:
  • Make sure you get the education necessary to YOUCAN review, a systematic approach so that complete coverage of all exam objectives,
  • Real world scenarios that put what you learned in the context of actual job roles
  • Day of the exam to prepare for the challenging total of 500 questions each chapter test questions,
  • The review procedures must be an expert before taking the test is a key element in each chapter identifies critical areas
  • The book is a useful section on peer-to-card rip each objective of the formal review, so you can focus on exam preparation with the objective
  • Look inside for complete coverage of all CISA knowledge areas.
  • Sybex Test Engine
  • Test your knowledge with advanced testing software. Includes review questions and two practice tests.
  • Enhance understanding of the electronic cards.
In addition, the CD, the search and you will find the entire book in PDF for printing. At any time, anywhere to review and trust, approach to the examination.

More than 500 review questions

With professional audit systems and advanced control software and real-world scenarios for an overview of the test preparation includes:
  • Special Test Engine
  • Hundreds of sample questions
  • Electronic Flashcards
  • The entire book in PDF
About the Author
David L. Cannon, CISA, CCSP, president and founder of the Training Center CertTest, a leading provider of training CISA. David, computer operations, system security management and administration has 15 years experience in sectors such as education and counseling. CISA preparation courses teach candidates received praise from across the country wrote the first edition of this book.

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