Saturday, 2 June 2012

SAP FI | SAP R/3 FI Transactions (Business (Infinity Science Press))

SAP R / 3 Financial transactions (v.4.6C and 4.7) easy to learn, quick reference for quick and easy way for different functional areas of an update rehber. Kitap logical and organized under the appropriate procedure codes FI available transactions made ​​by observing a quick reference. Coverage includes general accounting payable, accounts receivable and accounts active. And a section to set the payment date, document number range, such as maintenance of the exchange rate covers part of the configuration of different needs.

About the Author

V. Narayanan is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and Project Management Professional (PMP), respectively. Available at a time. SAP R / 3 FICO consultant and project manager for a multinational consulting firm, the implementation of SAP R / 3 solutions for clients in Singapore, Germany, Belgium and India, has played a role in successful implementation of

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