Wednesday, 13 June 2012

CFO Insights: Enabling High Performance through Leading Practices for Finance ERP

"The Crossroads of benefits was much higher estimates. Of shared service centers to streamline accounting processes, cost and process industry standards, standard systems and standard data allow for a global company. The new infrastructure can support the rapid expansion of new stores and add a keyboard cover. A vision systems terms, Carrefour is now the efficiency of systems, tools and processes in place to ensure a "factory" are for educational purposes. "
- Chapter 9, application and business requirements for ERP

"The benefits of effective delivery of information is one of the most important applications of with the results of the world were revealed. Effective delivery of Siemens Information and a five percent reduction in costs achieved through better access to financial information. The "increased by almost 100 percent depending on the capabilities of the situation reports intranet his sixty-ratio is improved.
- Chapter 3, management and financial reports

Research indicates that high performance businesses and governments to help managers make better decisions for the allocation of resources to use technology as a financial capacity, while increasing productivity at the same time.

CFO Insights: Leading practices for finance ERP provides high performance, Accenture implemented by a variety of sectors, current case studies and lessons learned from a number of customers, and Oracle / PeopleSoft and SAP includes the operation. Each case study is a vital thought, highlights the benefits and challenges, and high performance on the road with an ERP continues to offer such guidance.

From the Inside

"We never thought us as a society hotel. Anyone can offer a room and a bed. Marriott is a service company. Capacity to get through this transformation, we will be able to ensure that the workforce they need to better serve our customers. And we good job for our customers, owners and dealers to do as you wish us to be placed in a large company with the tools and information. "
-Bill Shaw, Marriott President and COO

High-performance businesses and governments are aware of this issue of financial capacity. In this book, Accenture finance managers to focus on leadership practices, and how resource planning (ERP) can be funded more. Financial capacities of both the high performance unit of Accenture research shows that the effectiveness of ERP solutions.

For decades, ERP solutions, time, resources and organizations, Oracle / PeopleSoft and SAP integrated solutions such as producers of this complex, distribute, promote and use the fight to have consumed large amounts of money. Successful organizations, business processes, policies, organization and technology, and not as an event affecting an ERP solution for the treatment of a broad program has learned. Looking at business processes, not the end that the individual functions, organizations identify and understand the key points of integration and focus areas.

This book is based on the closing process and financial functions, such as financial reporting, and treasury and asset life cycle, such as major end-to-pay business processes such as procurement and management review. Each chapter, process, technology and organization is concerned with issues of high performance components.

CFO Insights: As also a larger deployment of ERP financial and operational requirements, offering high performance with the key views of the main applications:
  • Finance shared services transformation enabled ERP
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Total Cost of Ownership

This book is the main trends of reference and financial information for the application to provide the latest information from its database and understanding of indicators includes the Hackett Group.

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