Friday, 1 June 2012

SAP FI | Product Cost Controlling with SAP

Cost control and how to integrate products with other components you are looking for a guide shows how to configure the SAP ERP Financials, this book is for you. This is a comprehensive source of finance with an interest in the field of integrated product costing, production planning, purchasing, and sales and distribution for everyone.

Author referred to the financial burden of production orders to cost centers, then shows how the flow. Readers of the accounts, transfer pricing, reporting and uncover the secrets of the product to market products which the optimal price to make decisions on cost management and learning to control the management of product costs. In addition, the month-end processing, and analysis of variance in the long running time and the message address fields of the joint resolution to be discovered.

This product is SAP ERP Financials must learn to work not only a source of cost control.

Features of Product Cost Controlling with SAP:
  • Preliminary estimate of costs 
  • Master Data 
  • Configuration settings control 
  • Material Ledger 
  • Types of Manufacturing 
  • Cost object 
  • Reports 
  • Information System
  • Calculating the difference
About the Author

John Jordan, ERP Corp founder and principal consultant and has worked with many customers worldwide. Regular lectures and articles, publications, and control of clients and colleagues are considered one of the leading experts.

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