Thursday, 28 June 2012

SAP BW 7.x Reporting - Visualize your data: Netweaver BW 7.x Reporting, visualize your data and create performance Dashboards and Analysis

This book you want to view their data using BW 7.x reports SAP NetWeaver effective and indispensable guide for readers to design good analysts business leaders, case studies, sample reports and downloaded components and even re- usable. Readers can ask for examples on their site with minimal changes. The book also readers, the right to use the full capabilities of SAP NetWeaver BW, SAP and other technologies combine with the contents of the book, then, reveals a feature not included in the online help. Performance-wise, the main objective of this book, create reports and dashboards. The book briefly BW 7.x and tools to integrate Xcelsius Business Objects Crystal Reports in the current context, explains

About the Author

1998 Joerg design, implementation and improvement of the automatic settings work with version 1.2, SAP BW side. He has participated in projects design and implementation worldwide, more than a BW. Expert Speakers BW and years in the U.S. Congress that BW / BI portal technology since 2003.He deeply author of numerous articles on the draft report was included in HR SAP NetWeaver BW 7.0. Thanks to standard PC functionality, which created an additional tool for updates BW and external clients, such as the environment BW distributes reports to users. Microsoft (Redmond), the major manufacturers, such as his experience ranges from small customers, particularly in performance and reporting. He is training in place and most of the reports mentioned in the book teach the hidden features. 

Their slogan "Nothing SAP BW reports Joerg syskoplan AG, a software integrator and consulting company based in Germany is not possible with the director of business intelligence. Since its founding in 1983, has made a name for himself syskoplan same. A systems integrator for all aspects of customer relationship management and consulting firm syskoplan AG went public in 2000, its four business segments. ** Customer Intelligence Business Relationship Management * Supply Chain Management, IT management * you can reach him @ joerg.boeke

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