Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Business Process Change, Second Edition: A Guide for Business Managers and BPM and Six Sigma Professionals (The MK/OMG Press)

Each of the company to produce goods and services more efficient, way of doing business, wants to improve and increase profits. Nonprofit organizations, but also regarding the efficiency, productivity and achieve goals. Part of every manager understands that achieving these objectives.

Balanced treatment of this area of ??Business process change, Paul Harmon successful concepts, methods and process improvement business offers all aspects of the case for. Performance criteria, as well as new coverage - Updated and added to the pressure of process management systems, business rules, enterprise architectures and frameworks (SCOR) and the scope of Six Sigma and Lean are more content.
  • A comprehensive review and update the book to BPM success, addressing the growing interest in Business Process Management systems and process redesign and the integration of Six Sigma.
  • The best book for the first time in business processes, the most recent book read to learn all the different process elements fit together.
  • Prepared in accordance with their specific needs, and the process of focusing on the human aspects of a methodology based on best practices in existing reserves can be.
  • All new detailed case studies showing how they are implemented these methods offer.

About the Author

Paul Harmon, founder and chief strategy and integration of business processes, CEO of Trends newsletter. A collection of object technology director (John Wiley & Sons), and a guide for expert systems international bestsellers: Artificial Intelligence e-business systems and architectures that many books, including the development, co-wrote Work (Wiley).

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