Sunday, 10 June 2012

SAP for Retail | SAP

SAP for Retail application, or if you start thinking that this is the only resource you need. With concrete examples, this book is written in a style easy to follow with SAP business all the tools necessary to understand how to work more effectively and provide advice.

Book begins with a general introduction to the SAP for Retail is and how you explain the different components relate to each other. From there, examine the characteristics of data management and scheduling options principal. It examines the procurement and control, explains the importance of managing supply chains.

In addition, customer relations learn to manage and improve customer retention. Despite the business processes and the changing demands of the book concludes by teaching them how to use Enterprise SOA to keep IT costs.

Features of SAP for Retail:
  • The basic data, forecasts, analysis: SAP Retail, SAP NetWeaver BI, SAP NetWeaver PI 
  • Planning: SAP Retail, SAP Goods and planning different, demand management, SAP, SAP Optimization prices 
  • Shopping: SAP Retail, SAP Global Trade Services 
  • Order Processing: SAP Retail, SAP Extended Warehouse Management, SAP replenishment and forecasting
  • Multi-channel sales and customer service: SAP Enterprise POS, SAP Retail Store and more
  • Enterprise SOA: the Business Process Platform for Retail
About the Author

Heike Rawe project is a series of technology transfer of knowledge has worked for SAP since 1998. He and Support Guide Portal SAP Developer Network SAP NetWeaver Developer achieved. He is currently responsible for the information tool optimized, the negotiating team was in the service industries.

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