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Pentaho Kettle Solutions: Building Open Source ETL Solutions with Pentaho Data Integration

Pentaho Kettle, Pentaho ETL tool for data integration for a complete guide

Pentaho Kettle This book is practical to manage the configuration and installation, a complete guide. If you are an administrator or database developer Aore, Aoll first class, and how the foundations of clustering aibefore Kettle, such as scalability, and vault data models Kettle ETL to create customized solutions to these concepts get up later. Learn to design and build an ETL solution at each stage.

  1. Developers and database administrators (Extract Transform and Load data) for business process-level open source Pentaho Kettle ETL shows how to use
  2. Kettle ETL assumes in advance or beginners to accelerate information and brings deep into your own pace
  3. Solutions to get up and running Kettle explains, the kettle, including all aspects of the data warehouse, ETL, such as exploration of the life cycle of ETL-34 model created by Kimball Group titles
  4. Distributed, Aucloud, Kettle solutions using DU to explore ways to expand and develop beyond routine tasks
  5. This detailed guide, a complex multisystem data integration cluster, the data migration tasks with just one table Aifrom Pentaho Kettle and take most of the data storage.

From Back Cover

Kettle data integration solutions with the ultimate resource for the creation and deployment

Kettle open source ETL and integration of data in a scalable and extensible tool allows you to extract data from these databases, flat files and XML, web services, ERP systems, OLAP and cubes. This gives a clean and validate data, and many other targets many options to load data into data warehouses appropriate, and 120 steps of conversion Kettle Informatics Power Center, IBM Info Sphere DataStage and traditional tools for integrating data such as BusinessObjects Data Integrator for a comprehensive, cost-effective alternative.

This book has its own ETL and data integration solutions, testing, explains in detail how to create and deploy Kettle. Transformations you create a version control Kettle and employment, to use the audit data, and plan programs to learn to use the ETL solution. Then more advanced concepts such as cloud computing, and consolidation will be progress, real-time data integration, and installation of a data model Vault by creating its own plug-ins can s' extend Kettle. In addition, examples and case studies how characteristics Kettle practice will find this show very hands.

Explore components Kettle ETL tool
  • Kettle to install and configure, and how to connect to different data sources and targets Explorer
  • Design and construct all aspects of an ETL solution using Kettle
  • Learn how to load a data warehouse with Kettle
  • Understand the steps to deploy the ETL and scheduling solutions
  • The skills integrated with third-party products in Kettle
  • Learn how to develop and strengthen their own plug-ins Kettle
  • Kettle ETL solutions to improve your performance, scaling and clustering, and the use of cloud computing
  • Learn to use Kettle for real-time integration of data

About the Author

Kettle and Founder Matt Casters Chief Data Integration Pentaho, I led the software development works in Kettle. Roland Bouman developer of open source technology web, database and business application oriented intelligence. Jos van Dongen is independent consultant intelligence and the famous author, speaker and analyst.

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