Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Managing Component-Based Development in Global Teams

This environment based on distributed components to provide professionals with a framework for management development and operation of computers worldwide for academics who want to advance is mandatory to provide a theoretical framework. This book describes the main challenges faced by global teams and projects, provides tools for the implementation of the CBD.

About the Author

Dr. Ilan Oshri Professor of Strategic Management, Management, Erasmus of Rotterdam School of the Netherlands. Oshri Warwick Business School, earned a doctorate in strategic management and technological innovations. Engineering degree in electrical engineering practice was also announced. He was able to develop technology for global projects of Manager Information Management and act as a developer of products for engineering companies in the United States and Israel. His main interest lies in the field of knowledge management and innovation. Technology development projects will serve as a consultant to the European Commission Oshri. His works have been published numerous books and magazines.

Dr. Julia information systems, research Kotlarsky Operations and Information Systems, Warwick Business School, UK Professor. O Management and Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Netherlands School of Information Systems was awarded a doctorate. Kotlarsky Israel Industrial Engineering and Management, Technicon, received his master. His main research interests globally distributed teams, and technical and social aspects of component-based design revolve around. Kotlarsky written on this subject and his work in various meetings, and information systems published in the International Journal of Production Research and European Journal.

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