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SAP Transaction Codes: Your Quick Reference to T-Codes in SAP ERP

SAP Transaction Codes: Your Quick Reference to T-Codes in SAP ERP Product Description

  • Easy to SAP ERP 6.0, to find all the major functional operations
  • Request, task, and through short texts Access codes
  • Learn when and how to use transactions
Once and for all, with the SAP menu tree cut his odyssey! This completely new reference work, covering more than 3000 activities, the ease of SAP ERP 6.0, allows you to browse through all the main modules. Application code, title, process, or find a job to do, and how and when to use a complete description of a utility computing.

All Modules with Wider Coverage

FI / CO, IM, MM, WM, PP, SD, Maintenance, Quality Management, Project Management, Human Resources and the base system you can find information about the functional operations.

Full Description

For each process, the code, the title (Short), the operation of a description of the functionality that you can find the necessary inputs.

Additional information

Alternative processes and integration points with other modules of SAP rating advantage.

You can easily find what you need

Browse through the sections of each module, in alphabetical order or the index of the transaction code, 200 pages, the title search process or task.

Features of SAP Transaction Codes: Your Quick Reference to T-Codes in SAP ERP

  • Finance and Control
  • Materials, warehouse and inventory
  • Management
  • Production Planning
  • Sales and Distribution
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Quality Management
  • Project System
  • Human Resources
  • Basic system

LT04 | Create transfer order for the transfer required
This is due to transfer processes used to create a transfer order. Standby mode, the user must enter the number of points of storage, and transfer needs. The following screen shows the amount of liability for material transfer and move. Or you can allow the system to determine the user to change the destination bin. This screen can be created for the transfer.


Venki Krishnamoorthy functional SAP America SAP ERP HCM, is a consultant to an author and lecturer. Martin Murray, author of numerous books, media and SAP since 1994, was the implementation of SAP MM and WM. Norman Reynolds, control and implementation of Sales and Distribution, SAP Financial and works independently of a certified SAP consultant.

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