Monday, 5 September 2011

Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling (2nd Edition)

Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling (2nd Edition) Product Description

  • Analysis of variance of primary production in SAP with the control (CO)
  • Thresholds to reveal the performance of your business and how best to explore these processes
  • Learn how to make manufacturing processes more efficient positive impact on their bottom

If you are an end user, administrator or consultant, this is the best source for the cycle analysis of variance. This book is the variance of the analysis of production control provides a detailed explanation of how it works with SAP and control processes and assists in all phases, focusing on the reports. The main data, based on SAP ERP 6.0 installation while providing detailed information about system requirements, you will learn a simple to understand and easy-to-end control concepts.

Second Edition, Revised and Updated

Marking allocation to long-term career planning to find new information and updates, check the default settings during the activity and amount of operational performance, and more.

Full Coverage

The chapters on each major sub-components of the analysis of variance and explore in-depth case scenarios and includes real examples.

The Process of Teaching Process

All the main processes, themes and modules control the production and analysis of variance for the effective implementation of the steps necessary Explore chronologically.

Integration of CO

The production planning (PP) and Materials Management (MM) learn how to control the SAP integrated with other functions.

Practice Resources

Use the dictionary as a reference in their daily work and wider reading and control subjects to find information to increase the resources.

Features of Production Variance Analysis in SAP Controlling (2nd Edition)
  • The first planning
  • Cost Estimate
  • Actual costs
  • End of the transaction
  • Scrap Variance Analysis
  • Reports
  • Cost
  • Total difference
  • Scenario planning

John Jordan, who specializes in all areas of control and integration, the founder and ERP Corp, is a database consultant. Production costs resulting in higher productivity and profitability that will increase transparency. He is a regular speaker at conferences and SAP PRESS has published two best-sellers.

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