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Implementing and Configuring SAP MII

Implementing and Configuring SAP MII Description

Implementing and Configuring SAP MII
It is a condition sine qua non, and deploys SAP MII production tasks and problems, the full integration of manufacturing and Guide Intelligence SAP will teach the proper configuration (SAP MII). With this book, plant systems and business processes, a link to learn how to create composite applications. And once the floor systems of the plant to produce complete and accurate data to know the connection, the authors analyze and create reports and dashboards for real-time monitoring for SAP MII to show how to use tools which leads to more efficient and productive workshop.

1) To manage and configure the SAP MII

Learn to install, configure and test the integration of production and improve the general data reports that use the various components of SAP MII.

2) MII Composite Application Developments

Created to develop and manage the data and view the contents of data queries, business logic and create different types of screens Explore SAP MII Workbench.

3) General Factory Integration plants

Integration of agricultural production systems to connect to data servers, including how aspects of SAP MII and an in-depth look on how to get the company to synchronize other parts of the plant.

4) Deploying the composite application SAP MII
Followed for the development and implementation of SAP MII architectures and best practices deployment scenarios, including all controls.

5) Tips

If the interface with SAP MII based on the model of the interior Explore the information needed to develop composite applications.

Features of Implementing and Configuring SAP MII

  • Data Connectivity 
  • The data requests 
  • Messaging Services 
  • Business Logic Services 
  • Models and display animated graphic
  • Script Web user interface and integration 
  • Security 
  • System Settings
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Dipankar Home for a variety of customers’ worldwide implementation of SAP MII is working for IBM in India. SAP MII He has written several technical articles and blogs for over 7 years experience in IT and is certified SAP partners’ architects. Bhattacharjee Abesha experience in the IT industry and manufacturing has more stores per year over 5 years. He runs the SAP Labs India Pvt. And, Ltd, SAP MII is the author of several popular blogs, and articles.

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