Monday, 26 September 2011

SAP NetWeaver BW: Administration and Monitoring

SAP NetWeaver BW: Administration and Monitoring Description

This book is presented as a live SAP BW, and provides guidance on how to solve any problems that may occur provides a complete view of all management tasks. The basic principles of the scope, tasks, analysis and troubleshooting, including SAP BW includes all issues related to the management and monitoring.


BW management and monitoring of the SAP NetWeaver technology needed to understand the basic principles and components.


BW and SAP NetWeaver ABAP and J2EE-based infrastructure to fully represent proven high-performance applications for the platform based on Java and SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP, AS Learn About SAP NetWeaver.


Both data and reports of major importance to the installation directories, with particular emphasis on the SAP NetWeaver BW Discover the basics of database management.

System connection and access

Required to manage installation and connection tracking quality assurance system, including basic information technologies IDocs around the house.

Tool for monitoring and analysis

BW monitoring tools and analysis that is important for a manager an edge view.

Features of SAP NetWeaver BW: Administration and Monitoring
  • Indices 
  • Settings for DB storage objects in BW 
  • Info Object Tables Buffering 
  • Web services, SOAP, etc. 
  • Object Data Store 
  • Info Cubes 
  • SAP BW authorizations 
  • Transactions PFCG maintenance function 
  • Near line Storage (NAS) 
  • Java Support Packages
About the author

Olaf Klostermann a computer expert and former adviser to the SAP. Solution Architect Österholm BW is responsible for managing MILCON Sony Ericsson General.

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