Friday, 16 September 2011

Efficient SAP NetWeaver BW Implementation and Upgrade Guide

Efficient SAP NetWeaver BW Implementation and Upgrade Guide Product Description

Efficient SAP NetWeaver BW Implementation and Upgrade Guide
The difficulties encountered by the projects of biological, cultural, political, technical and financial resources could be described. This book is a very difficult without the BW implementation or upgrade to go to the past allows a wide range of potential hazards. The success of projects to find ways to avoid them, and biological weapons can be made to understand, BW Learn about common errors. In addition, revision checklists, documents and communications landscape and architectural projects, including documents, sample documents available, can benefit.

Project life cycle SAP BW

SAP BW with a focus on the dangers and how to avoid in a typical application, a practical understanding of this.

Determination of a Strategy for Implementation

Project, planned and organized to ensure the effective implementation of the SAP NetWeaver BW learn important questions to answer before starting any project.

Activation process for the preparation and Go-Live

Provide resources and escalation in case of problems, reduce stress and how to start and learn about cutting tasks associated with planning the right.

After BW Go-Live of SAP NetWeaver

And the entry into force of the life cycle of the project at this stage, after the difficulties encountered by the typical responsibilities of a project to explore.

The Six Sigma Way: 
Improving the quality of Six Sigma methodologies, which can be used to improve data quality based on your input.

Features of Efficient SAP NetWeaver BW Implementation and Upgrade Guide

  • Data Warehouse
  • Data quality
  • Scope Management
  • Risk analysis
  • Data modeling
  • Transport Management
  • Change Management
  • Standards ABAP
  • Six Sigma

Gary Nolan, a consultant BW BW Platinum, and has worked since version 1.2b. Customers post-implementation support multiple consultations, and BW worked with the planning stage. Debasish Khaitan SAP BW data warehouse and a certified SAP professional with over 5 years experience.

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