Monday, 26 September 2011

SAP Database Administration with Oracle

SAP Database Administration with Oracle Description

This book is basic information on Oracle databases and SAP systems and provides interaction with managers. First, an effective scene, a secure system, you will learn the best way to plan or expand. The authors analyze the performance and the hardware, operating system, database and SAP system and to control them, you can use to optimize the parameters and describes how to use tools. In detail in a section of different data backup concepts, BR * Tools, Oracle Recovery Manager and describes the different backup strategies, backup, recovery and restoration, with critical aspects. Authors such as Java and SAP NetWeaver BI also address more complex issues.

Bridging the gap between basic training and knowledge in real life, this book for better performance management, to solve specific problems on the structure of your system and help increase data security and availability.

Match Summary of SAP Database Administration with Oracle
  • The interaction between SAP and Oracle 
  • Planning and expansion of system infrastructure 
  • Life Cycle System: Installation, 
  • System maintenance, updates 
  • Performance: the analysis of the material, 
  • Operating System, SAP database 
  • System, SQL and more 
  • Backup, recovery and restoration: 
  • Concepts of data backup, BR 
  • Tools 
  • Oracle Recovery Manager backup strategies 
  • Oracle and SAP NetWeaver BI 
  • All codes of the most important transaction and includes a quick reference card detailed
About the author (s)

Michael hoding Applied Sciences Brandenburg, Germany, and Professor of Information Management at the University of Magdeburg, Germany SAP Competence Centre universitaire (SAP UCC) has been effective in creation. Ronny André Zimmermann, Faustmann and the work SAP UCC, and Gunnar Klein T-Systems, SAP, a core team. The four authors of SAP certified consultants.

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  1. According to the above post in which you have explained what this book covers I find it a great option for all the freshers who wants to learn all about basics Oracle databases and SAP systems. I will definitely consider buying this book as I am highly impressed with the content that it explains.
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