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Practical Workflow for SAP (2nd Edition)

Practical Workflow for SAP (2nd Edition) Description

Practical Workflow for SAP (2nd Edition)
SAP system, if you want to get the right job with the right people at the right time, the number one source for this book!

Our best-seller, this second edition of the workflow for SAP Business Workflow provides a practical guide. To expand an existing business workflows to distribute and learning, a view of workflow processes, and explores how to create successful projects that explore their workflow. I just want to see action, the workflow capabilities of the books you are deploying an expert in business processes, provides an overview of technical details and richness.

SAP NetWeaver 7.0 pounds per day and the workflow, UWL, ABAP Objects, and includes updated information on other functions effectively. Also, see the Business Process Management for SAP's overall strategy. Many tips, guides and SAP Business Workflow and leading experts from around the world, practical instructions for daily use, and this book is an indispensable reference.

Match Summary of Practical Workflow for SAP (2nd Edition)
  • Use of SAP Business Workflow: Configuration, delivery, business articles, agents, management 
  • Design techniques, objects, classes ABAP, identification of the agent, a software download, universal work list: 
  • Developing your own workflow 
  • User Interface Technologies and Workflow: Interface Options, Web Dynpro ABAP / Java, BSP, shape, alloy, Duo 
  • The use of SAP Business Suite applications, workflows: Archive Link, SAP ERP, SRM, CRM, HCM

About the author (s)

Jocelyn Dart, Erik Dick, Ginger Gatling, Hilss Oliver, bases in. Kapoor, Silvana Kempf, Susan Keohane, Thomas Kosog medal, Paul, Mike Pokraka, Rickayzen Area, Shalini Sabnani, Jorn Sedlmayr, and Sohn, Ted - - team of editors in different areas of SAP Workflow experts.

All authors Borders / M├ędecins Sans decided to give the rights of Doctors Without Borders.

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