Monday, 5 September 2011

Financial Reporting with SAP (2nd Edition)

Financial Reporting with SAP (2nd Edition) Product Description

  • The ability to produce financial reports to understand and apply strategies to optimize
  • Mastery of best practices to simplify, streamline and automate financial and management
  • SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver and SAP BW integrated with financial reports

This book is more accurate and a variety of international accounting standards, best practices, provides financial reports more quickly and provides financial and IT teams. FI Reports (sub-Ledger Management, Corporate Finance and Corporate Governance, Risk and Compliance included), this book has all the important functions of the cover, step by step financial assistance, and streamline business processes and simplify financial reporting and management will be automated in SAP ERP Financials.

This new version updating of content, including the legal segment, reports AP and AR in SAP ERP, SAP ERP Consolidated Financial Information, tools and latest information, SAP.

Highlights of Financial Reporting with SAP (2nd Edition)

  • SAP ERP, SAP NetWeaver and SAP BW financial reports, enter
  • SAP ERP Financials components, capabilities and processes based on detailed financial statements
  • The important design considerations and best practices, working
  • SAP Analytics, Duet, SAP Interactive Forms Adobe
  • How the financial performance of the SAP governance, risk and compliance on the rise (RCMP)

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