Thursday, 16 May 2013

Sapphire Now: SAP plans to accelerate its own database

SAP is in a hurry. The new database technology Hana is "the fastest growing product in the enterprise software industry," said SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe on Wednesday at the Sapphire Now customer Exhibition in Orlando. Hana'll especially from German customers "very, very good" believed Germany boss Harry Thomsen said at the same event in the domestic Walldorf.

Sapphire Now: SAP plans to accelerate its own database

The center launched in 2011 Hana database technology that enables the analysis of data in real time, in addition to rental offers, so-called cloud solutions and software for mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets is the most important growth area of ​​SAP. So far, the revenue share is still small. After 392 million euros last year, SAP plans to implement this year, between 650 million and 700 million euros with Hana.

The total annual sales of SAP 2012 amounted to 16.2 billion euros. The broad market launch of SAP’s standard software on the database has taken place much earlier than planned, Snabe said. This is unusual. Usually, the introduction of software delaying rather, said IDC analyst Ruediger Spies. The painful experience of the rental software with SAP homemade "by Design". But with its new database offering penetrates the software maker in the core business of his arch-rival Oracle, which so far just like IBM provided the basis for SAP's enterprise software.

SAP's core application is software that enables companies to plan their business processes - from warehousing to personnel and financial planning to sales concepts. In the databases store the information necessary to plan programs. Oracle manager Mark Hurd is still left. "These customers are not SAP customers, but everyone's customers," Hurd said on Wednesday told reporters in Munich. Oracle was still very pleased with the agreement for the joint installation of SAP applications with Oracle databases.

That could change: The database technology Hana was very much in demand in the German market, said Germany boss Harry Thomsen. Numbers did not call Thomsen. The positive reaction in the domestic market is an important signal. SAP recently made about 14 percent of its product sales in Germany. About a week ago SAP announced to offer its database technology as a platform for Rent Hana on our own servers. Several German customers have already expressed interest, Thomsen said. So far, however, no contracts had yet been completed, because the prices are not yet facts are clear.

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