Saturday, 18 May 2013

"Project Kraken" HP and SAP provide single server for Big Data

Hewlett Packard and SAP have presented at the end of the Sapphire Now conference in Orlando, a community project to reduce the hardware requirements for processing large amounts of data clearly and Big Data applications, thereby making more efficient at the same time. "Octopus Project" combines HP's server technology with SAP's HANA in-memory database.

IBM EX5 server family for SAP HANA

The main advantage of the prototype shown is that it triples the memory size of a single, scalable server for complex, data-intensive workloads. The system uses 16 CPUs from Intel's Xeon E7 processor family (also known as Ivy Bridge-EX) and supports up to 12 TB of storage in a server unit. Currently apply industry-wide as the standard 4 TB.
"Project Kraken" HP and SAP provide single server for Big Data

As with most new enterprise technologies - whether hardware or cloud solutions - the goal is to improve business processes by facilitating the establishment and the processing time is reduced. Project Kraken is aimed at a variety of vertical sectors of Government, health and finance to trading. Possible scenarios are Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), supply chain management (SCM) and data analysis.

"Show with Project Kraken HP and SAP how customers can carry out a performance boost, while simultaneously simplifying the management of the infrastructure," said Vihsal Sikka, CTO and CEO of SAP. "It shows how large companies can have their enterprise applications, including SAP Business Suite, with growing amounts of data in a shorter run time. This offer will change the database market fundamentally and permanently. "

The server prototype was shown this week at the Now Sapphire. But neither HP nor SAP commented on them when the system is on the market for data analysis.

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