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Software As A Service Pricing Models

Software As A Service Pricing Models
Software As A Service Pricing Models
With software as a service paid for the service users a monthly fee for the use of the software to the service provider. The monthly rate is dependent on the pricing of the service provider's because the SaaS model offers different pricing models:

Per user / month

At that price, the model pays monthly service users, uniform fee for each user who works with the software. It allows the user to the software, regardless of the number of transactions and the time to use as a kind of "flat rate".

Depending on the functionality

This model is an extension of the first model (per user / month). Here, the service recipient pays a monthly, consistent charge. However, this is dependent on the functionality of the software used. Consider the example: Uses the service users all the functionality (eg, SRM, CRM, FI / CO, PRO, AM) is paid by the service users a monthly fee of 133,00 Euro per user. With ten users of service users would pay a total of € 1330.00 per month for the software and IT services. In the event that the service users only want to use the CRM solution, the monthly fee can be reduced. Does the service provider to the CRM solution for example, 50.00 euros, so paid the service contractor for ten users a monthly fee of € 500.00.

Depending on the number of transactions

There is a pricing model that will be charged at the per transaction. In this example, the service provider is an e-commerce platform, ready for the service users can sell products. For each generated order in the shop of the service recipient pays a percentage of the sales price.


In this price model, the service provider a basic version available for free, and then adds premium services.

In addition, there are other pricing models, such as billing or the amount of data to unused CPU hour or a constant price on a particular contract. Furthermore, it should be noted that for the service users, not only the above pricing models will be charged, but implementation costs for major software products.

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