Friday, 5 April 2013

ABAP programming for SAP Financial Accounting - Customer-specific enhancements (SAP PRESS)

ABAP programming for SAP Financial Accounting - Customer-specific enhancements (SAP PRESS)
Without customer-specific adaptations comes from no FI implementation. This book introduces you to the customer exits in financial accounting, shows you how to find user exits himself and explained by means of step-by-step explanations and example code, how to program in ABAP typical extensions. 

Whether it is the expansion of master data goes to or adjustments in business transactions such as accounting documents, account statements and payment run - Michael Rohrbach prepares you well before your expansion projects. An extensive appendix provides additional systematic access to all expansion options in FI.

From the contents:

  • General information about user-defined extensions
  • Customer-specific enhancements of master data
  • Customer-specific enhancements of transactions
  • Overview of all possible extensions in the SAP Financial Accounting

About the Author

Michael Rohrbach is SAP consultant at ConVista Consulting AG in Cologne. After studying computer science, he worked as a software developer in the area of ​​SAP integration, before moving in 2008, the SAP consulting. Through its involvement in several SAP FI implementation projects in large corporations and the support of various customers in the maintenance and care in the FI module Michael Rohrbach has already developed in all key areas of financial accounting customer enhancements and implements, develops customized programs and carried out modifications to the SAP standard . Michael Rohrbach and his wife live in Leicester, a small town between Cologne and Dusseldorf.

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