Wednesday, 3 April 2013

SAP basic course for beginners and users (SAP PRESS)

SAP basic course for beginners and users (SAP PRESS)
SAP can be so easy! This basic course will teach the SAP system know and use: click by click, the book leads you through the software and show you all the features you need in your daily work from the first application to printing them. 

At over 100 pages, it will be the central SAP modules Materials Management (MM), Sales and Distribution (SD), Financial Accounting (FI), Controlling (CO) and Human Resources (HR / HCM) explained.

Using a practical case study, you can try yourself, what you've just learned in the book: integrated across all processes. Numerous exercises invite you to check your knowledge and strengthen. A special advantage of this timely book is the extensive appendix with a glossary, menu paths and transaction codes, an overview of important buttons etc. The book is also suitable for the preparation of the user certification foundation level. Will you step by step to SAP Professional!

SAP basic course for beginners and users:
  • The SAP system sign in and out
  • In the SAP system to navigate
  • Working with Transactions
  • System Layout Set
  • Changing user data
  • Automate operations
  • Print
  • Reports
  • Sending Messages
  • Help Functions
  • Roles and permissions understand
  • Central SAP components use

SAP basic course of Schulz is a successful means for SAP beginners and users, the basic SAP functions - to look up - just not everyday SAP components. The book contains numerous examples and screenshots also notes that contribute to the basic course.

About the Author

Olaf Schulz works as a freelance trainer in the SAP environment for SAP education partner. He has 15 years experience in the IT and organization, focusing on planning and implementation of training, preparation of training materials, project management, CRM implementation and system support as well as system development and network administration. Together with the departments he has analyzed their requirements, implemented in the SAP system and introduced in the company. He wants to support users and seminar participants with a structured, easy to understand and complete book on incorporation into the complex issue of SAP. His experience from his work in the user support as well as from the numerous training courses that he has carried out will be incorporated into this book.

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