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SAP NetWeaver Application Server

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The SAP NetWeaver Application Server formerly SAP Web Application Server is part of SAP NetWeaver is the basis of most SAP products represents He divided (formerly SAP R/3-Basis) in an ABAP and a Java EE application server. Both parts (stacks) are both individually and collectively installed. In the case of an integrated installation (ABAP and Java, also known as double-stack) uses the Java stack, the user management of the ABAP stack. It also automatically communication links between the stacks are created. This is called Java connector, JCo abbreviated.

However, double-stack are (ABAP and JAVA with an SID) installations with a few exceptions (eg, SAP Solution Manager, SAP Process Integration). No longer supported by SAP provides current double-stack installations to a splitting tool with which you can separate those instances (eg for an upgrade).

SAP NetWeaver Application Server
The Application Server provides a runtime environment and middleware as for the corresponding ABAP or Java programming environment, which among other things takes over the access to the database and the operating system. So an ABAP or JAVA-/NetWeaver-Programm run independently of the database or operating system.

History of name
  • SAP BASIS (up to 4.6D)
  • SAP Web Application Server 6.20
  • SAP Web Application Server 6.30 (ABAP + J2EE, innovation: separate database schema for the J2EE instance), not delivered
  • SAP Web Application Server 6.40 (ABAP, JAVA)
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.00 (ABAP, JAVA)
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.10 (JAVA only in SAP Composition Environment)
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.20 (JAVA only in SAP Composition Environment)
  • SAP NetWeaver Application Server 7.30 (ABAP, JAVA)

SAP Web Application Server for Java / SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java

The SAP Web Application Server Java and Web Application Server Java-based and supports the Java Reference Model (J2EE) (depending on the version of the Java JDK are now supplied directly from SAP, there come no more versions of SUN / Oracle or IBM used ):

SAP     version supported JAVA version
6.20     1.3
6.40     1.3
7.0       1.4 (SAP JVM 4.1)
7.1       5 (SAP JVM 5)
7.2       5 (SAP JVM 5)
7.30     6 (SAP JVM 6)

This also includes the Web Dynpro technology for creating web front-ends as well as the proprietary SAP Open SQL for Java. It allows developers to SQL statements, regardless of the SAP Web Application Server underlying database systems write (or the individual database schemas).

SAP also provides the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio, an Eclipse-based development environment) and base for many Java-based applications of SAP (eg SAP NetWeaver Portal)

To manage development environments is the NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI), consisting of the components Design Time Repository (administration of the source code), Component Build Service (central Build Service) and Change Management Service (Transportation of developments within a so-called Development Tracks).

Furthermore, the System Landscape Directory, the technical system landscape is managed including through a software catalog.

SAP Web Application Server ABAP / SAP NetWeaver Application Server ABAP

The SAP WebApplication Server ABAP and NetWeaver Application Server ABAP are the application server (and thus flow and development environment) for SAP's ABAP programming language and the applications written in it. The server is a direct descendant of the SAP basis, in turn, the severed technical components (abstraction of the database system, operating system and network, development environment, transport, etc.) corresponds to the SAP R / 3 taken (to be exact, plus the cross-module functional components, which are in R / 3 are to be found). Therefore, it is the foundation for many SAP applications (such as SAP ERP, specifically the component SAP ECC) There is support for Web services, particularly through integration of ITS. Furthermore, there is support for Adobe Print Forms and Adobe Forms Offline.

Both servers use the Enqueue Server for centralized management of logical locks, during the execution of transactions, and the message server for the cluster administration and distribution of requests.

  • Transactions via the SAP GUI (only ABAP)
  • Profile files (ABAP and Java)
  • Database Administration (ABAP and Java), database system-dependent
  • Visual Administrator (Java, when you start the application server to Version 7.1)
  • Configtool (Java, even when stopped application server)
  • Netweaver Administrator (Java, administrator web interface since NW04 SPS12, instead of Visual Administrator from 7.2)
  • System Landscape Directory (including the care of interconnected systems, software components and namespaces)
  • JCo - for connecting Web Dynpro applications with SAP R / 3 systems
  • CMS (Java, means of transport landscape for developments)
  • SAP Solution Manager (separate system of administration)

Operation (web access)

Requests (requests) to the SAP Web Application Server can HTML-based pages that were created with the help of Web Dynpro, XML-based messages, Web services, or a number of other sources received.

SAP Application Server accepts the information from these requests and passes it to Java or ABAP-based applications that run within the server. These programs can then process the received data. Here, tools and components to be used to support special features such as workflow, archiving, etc. The application server queries and stores data using Open SQL. This enables the development of unique software that supports all major database vendors alike.


The SAP Web AS can run on a wide variety of platforms (combination of database system and operating system).


  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • MaxDB
  • MS SQL Server
  • Informix (only ABAP, support discontinued)
  • Sybase
  • HANA

Operating Systems:

  • The Unix-AIX, HP-UX, Linux (multiple CPU platforms), Solaris, and Tru64
  • Windows Server 2000 and its successor
  • IBM System i5, eServer i5, eServer iSeries
  • z / OS for IBM mainframe


The SAP Web AS is a key component in various SAP system types that are sold as part of all-inclusive packages to businesses. For individuals, these packages are not available. Some issues were (with names such as mini or mini WHAT Web AS) among others as book-addition (and thus at low cost) distributed. These can be used for certain purposes, but without the usual maintenance and support claims. An alternative to the ABAP book offerings is a free registration in SDN (SAP Developer Network). In the download section you can find free SAP development environments from the ABAP stack to the Java standalone environment for testing. These environments are valid for six weeks and can be renewed.

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