Tuesday, 20 November 2012

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis
SAP BusinessObjects Analysis is a Business Intelligence OLAP client of SAP AG. The tool is provided here in two versions. The MS Excel Tools enhanced edition of MS-Excel to OLAP analysis capabilities. In addition, a Web Edition is provided with which you can work platform independent.

Target Audience

Typical target group coming business analysts and "information consumers" into consideration. Business analysts create workbooks and perform multidimensional OLAP analysis. Information consumers consider this, but can also carry a few changes. Particular internal accounting (controlling) so can a BI infrastructure to easily use. For decision-makers and managers, the software is unsuitable. Here are typical products like Business Objects Crystal Reports and Xcelsius appropriate.


Following the acquisition of Business Objects by SAP AG, the original BusinessObjects Voyager client with SAP BEx Analyzer, united in the project "Pioneer". From Pioneer ultimately SAP BusinessObjects Analysis has emerged. The development of the BEx Analyzer was been discontinued. SAP BusinessObjects Analysis now provides its replacement represents

Operation and scope

The process of analysis begins with the design of a workbook. In MS Excel Edition of Analysis, there is the design area on the right side of the screen. This can dimensions or fact tables added to the workbook and as a cross table to be created. After that the table created by analyzing various functions provided. Analysis provides this functionality such as Conditional Formatting, hierarchies and filter options for disposal.


Albert Schweigert: Business Intelligence with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis. An introduction to the functional content, the possibilities and limitations.

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