Tuesday, 13 November 2012

OLTP (Online Transaction Processing)

Online Transaction Processing (OLTP):  OLTP (Online Transaction Processing) refers to a paradigm use of database systems and business applications, in which the processing of transactions directly and promptly, that takes place without significant time delay.

Counterpart is batch processing, in which collected all transactions and in - processed batch systems - often at night, free from online mode. The name comes from the 1960er/1970er-Jahren because the data (and often programs) were there before as punch cards and have been read and processed as a batch. With this designation also linked a role that the tasks (like the hole deck) only sequence can be performed while the OLTP many business operations take place simultaneously.

The technical focus is on the OLTP transaction security for parallel queries and updates, to minimize the response time to inquiries and at the highest possible throughput (number of transactions per unit of time). The efficiency of OLTP systems is dependent on the selection of appropriate hardware (database server, Netzwerkkommponenten as LAN and WAN) and software (database management system). By observing of transaction criteria (ACID) is to ensure that the consistency of the database (it can now also be more distributed) is maintained and data is never stored incomplete or inconsistent.

OLTP database systems typically store the transactions of a business process in the highest of detail that is required for the operational activities of the company. Based on the concept OLTP one encounters also known as online analytical processing (OLAP), which deals with the aggregation, processing and analysis of operational data for an extended period.


The classic application of OLTP is the computerized implementation of the business processes of companies that make up the operational day to day business is. This task is performed by, among other so-called ERP systems. Here as master data, such as personnel or inventory and transactions as purchases, sales, space booking, account transactions, etc. are handled. Today's businesses are largely dependent on the existence and accuracy of such information as it explains all resources such as personnel, finance, goods and / or services, together with the induced current changes in the business ready to-date. Therefore, such applications are considered mission critical.

Database systems have the task of ensuring all data so that at no or at worst can lead to minimal data loss and the data in it at any given time - be consistent - even after a partial loss. This requirement shall be tightened in application systems, which can also be implemented on distributed databases since the 1990s, the different servers and / or different - run places - even globally connected via WAN.

Other applications include content management, knowledge bases, web shops, directory services, etc.

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