Friday, 1 March 2013

Schrodinger ABAP programming: A different kind of textbook

Schrodinger ABAP programming: A different kind of textbook
IF puzzles AND gimmicks AND fun while learning, THEN Schrodinger first choice ELSE classic textbook, ENDIF.

Thereabouts, we have thought of Schrodinger. For Schrodinger's our man for programming! He can do what ever, but not just ABAP. And he does not really know what to make of this strange language. Nevertheless, he now brings the Roland Schwaiger at all. With the necessary theory and many hints and tips (in the office), oodles of good code, but also bad, who wants to be improved and repaired (in the workshop), with lots of coffee and exercises, and the earned breaks (at home in the living room). So everything as usual, but just a little different.

Schrodinger guarantees:

  • A detailed introduction to ABAP
  • Solutions for the daily programming work
  • Lots of good examples
  • Easy learning through variety and fun
  • Success for beginners, migration and advanced

About the Author

Dr. Roland Schwaiger graduated from Bowling Green State University, OH (USA) and Computer Science at the University of Salzburg (Austria) applied computer science and mathematics and his PhD in mathematics. After several years assistant at the University of Salzburg, he came in 1996 as a software developer at SAP AG and developed his skills there for three years in Human Resources in a stimulating and inspiring environment. Since 1999 he has worked as a freelance trainer, lecturer, consultant and developer (Certified Development Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004 - Application Development Focus ABAP). Using his academic training and knowledge acquired at SAP, complemented by an MBA in process and project management for software development in specific development projects and SAP training. The knowledge acquired there again he carries back to the academic world and linked as theory and practice.

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