Friday, 1 March 2013

ABAP Workbench - 100 Tips & Tricks

ABAP Workbench - 100 Tips & Tricks
There are 100 good reasons why you should buy this book. But we will tell you here. Only this: If you understand the ABAP workbench as your second living room, this book is just right for you!

The mini-tutorials in this book can help you develop software in ABAP efficient. Tips and tricks on how to make the processing of source life easier as you automate repetitive programming tasks or complicated procedure of earlier days finally jettison. They are the ABAP Workbench experience in a whole new light. Speaking clearly, click-by-click instructions, summaries and highlights to help to create a quick and easy learning.

From the contents:

  • Editing Code
  • ABAP Editor
  • ABAP Dictionary
  • Pretty Printer
  • Error messages to better understand
  • Code completion
  • Code Wizard
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Debugging
  • Analysis applications
  • Code Inspector
  • And much more....!


The 100 tutorials in this book present a developer in 11 subject areas and different ways of working tasks. They enable programmers to be more productive on the one hand, on the other hand to write maintenance-friendly software. (IT Director 2012)

About the Author

Christian Assig studied computer science at the University of Applied Sciences Gelsenkirchen, and the University of Western Australia in Perth. In the IOT Institute for organizational and technology design GmbH from 2004 to 2011, he developed object-oriented information systems in ABAP. Since 2011 he has worked as an SAP developer at Thalia Holding.

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