Friday, 12 December 2014

SAP Transportation Management: Savings of up to 12 percent are possible

  • The new cloud version of SAP TM 9.2 provides transportation services and logistics company needs numerous advantages over competitors
  • These include high scalability, reducing the cost and time involved concentrating on the core competencies and guaranteed use of state-of-the-art technology
  • Partnership between SAP, Camelot ITLab and Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCS-G) aims at the establishment of the new cloud solution from SAP Transportation Management Software (TM) from

SAP Transportation Management: Savings of up to 12 percent are possible
The German logistics industry still has considerable potential savings alone through the use of the new SAP Transportation Management Software (TM) as a SaaS (Software as a Service) transport service providers and companies save with logistics needs up to 12 percent of their costs. SAP (, Camelot ITLab ( and Global Supply Chain Solutions as part of their partnership SAP TM as a cloud solution on the market offer, see the main benefits in a significant reduction of the cost and time involved. Focusing on the core competencies allows customers additional efficiency gains.

  According to G-SCS-Steffen Rabus can "all SAP customers 9.2 design their transportation management much more efficiently using the new cloud solution from SAP TM. The SaaS approach SAP TM is much more flexible, a decisive advantage over the competition. "As always, customers pay only for the scalability of the scope of services that they really need. The time involved in installing and configuring software is considerably less. In addition, the customer through the SaaS solution is always on the cutting edge of technology from SAP TM. The acquisition of licenses, as well as providing an expensive infrastructure omitted. In a monthly service fee and a coordinated package of services all costs are included.

Work to establish the new cloud solution from SAP TM software maker SAP, the IT consulting firm Camelot ITLab and transport logistics specialist Global Supply Chain Solutions (SCS-G) are closely related. The aim is loud Rabus, to gain nationally and internationally significant market share in transport management for the new cloud solution. "With version 9.2 SAP TM currently has a very powerful solution that is based on the cloud and HANA database platform," says the G-SCS-manager. As a longtime partner in the TM implementation Camelot ITLab takes on the task of transforming customer-specific business processes in SAP TM processes and to implement the solution in a new or existing SAP environment within the partnership. G-SCS is a 4PL specialist for operations, i.e. for transport management and freight auditing the customers responsibility.

Global Supply Chain Solutions is a leading provider of Freight Bill Audit and Supply Chain Visibility services. Since the beginning of 2013 G-SCS has been one of the largest 4PL (Fourth Party Logistics) services and software portfolio to the market. The service offering that is coordinated through the G-SCS Integrated Control Tower, including transport management, contract management, and supply chain includes analyzes. Through the use of custom-made, modular G-SCS-solutions, customers can reduce their logistics costs continuously and sustainably.

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