Thursday, 28 April 2011

Personnel planning and development with SAP

human resources planning and development with SAP

This is Convincing new reference work provides a comprehensive overview about? the most important personnel planning and development functionality? t within SAP. Whether to implement, adapt or optimize your HR systems transparent ben?, Will help provide real insight this book provides the concepts f? R an effective workforce planning and development. This book helps the bottom many options and processes of SAP HR? Tzten and gives you practical examples and figures to help yo
List Price: $ 70.00 Price: $ 39.95

mySAP HR: Technical Principles and Programming

This au? ergew anything similar reference book provides the reader with first-hand look at the data structures of SAP HR. Learn the ins and outs of reading and processing of data and best practices and proven? Hrte techniques f? R the execution? Currency of customization and application of the production of specific reports. Dar? Over, you will immediately benefit all the details on SAP HR special conditions affecting the role and authorization concepts. With an entire chapter devoted to Internet technologies, you get a comprehensive in
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